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We are there for you every step of the way-from electric and gas enrollments to renewals even cancellations! Get consultations in green power energy, Georgia natural gas marketers switches and move-ins in TX.

We handle ANY and ALL situations in residential, small business and commercial electricity and gas


We handle ANY and All situations in electric and gas switches, Georgia natural gas marketer switch, TX Retail Electricity Provider switches (Standard or Self Selected ), Move-Ins, T-Poles, Good Credit, Bad credit, No Credit, With or Without Credit Check, Contract Plans, Green Energy Plans,  Prepaid Power Plans,  Switch Holds or Switch Locks, Even getting lower electricity rates with a same company even if under contract (if applicable)! Senior Citizen, Domestic Family Violence Victims, other deposit waivers (if required). We will consult with you first for all your power & natural gas needs.

For Residential, Small Business and Commercial, we will provide for you a concise savings in future forecast analysis in graphic form based on your historical usage with savings in home and business utility operating costs of up to 40%. 

Get an Energy Cost Savings and Plan for your home, business, or industry.


In managing your energy expenses, there are a lot of power and natural gas plans, including green energy, renewable energy and others like coal and nuclear generated electricity,   We can help sort out what is best for you by analyzing future estimate savings  with our unique proprietary system that has become a game changer in the energy industry.  

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